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Time Shifter Download [v0.] (Latest Vers... ##HOT##

Bob's Away Team includes Anya, who has the "shape-shifter" characteristic, and a Klingon Disruptor. He also happens to have Salia in his hand, so he plays In The Bag as a valid response. He announces that he will use In The Bag to "morph" the Klingon Disruptor into Salia, exchanging the Salia in his hand with the Disruptor in play, and that he will also download Strike Three, which Anya and Salia will use to stun a total of six opposing personnel (a very powerful move). Bob's play of In The Bag is a new sub-action, though, which means Alice gets to respond. She says, "Not so fast!"

Time Shifter Download [v0.] (Latest Vers...

There is no limit on the number of times you may download in a turn, as long as you have the cards to trigger them. However, each download is a separate action, and you may not interrupt another action to start a download, except when it suspends play or is a valid response.

On the other hand, once your opponent has declared an attack, it is normally too late to use Out Of Time to escape by time travelling, even though the card states it may be used "at any time," because both the card play and the time travel are new, separate actions, not valid responses to the battle action, and therefore may not be made until the battle action is resolved. However, if you have Daniels in play anywhere at the location of the battle, you could use his special download (if valid) to play Out Of Time from your deck or hand. Special downloading suspends play, so Out Of Time would immediately play to the table, allowing your crew to escape the already-initiated battle.

A card play or other action that may occur at any time (e.g., playing an Interrupt card, revealing a hidden agenda) is not a valid response to an action unless it specifically relates to that action. For example, a card may not be played via "Devidian Door" to an Away Team during a mission attempt or battle. A card which says it suspends play may be played at any time (not just during the response step of an action), and may temporarily suspend any action, whether related or not. (The suspending action may be responded to normally, and after it is complete, the suspended action resumes.) Using a special download icon also suspends play. Thus, a personnel's special download icon may be used to download a card during a mission attempt or battle, and Launch Portal may be used to download and launch a shuttle during battle. See downloading.

  • you may make valid responses;

  • you may play interrupts (between other actions or as valid responses); and

  • you may play a card or use game text that specifies it may be used "at any time" or "every turn," that "suspends play," or that in some other way indicates that the action may be taken on the opponent's turn. See use (skills).

Activate Subcommands This event may download a drone which has all three subcommand icons (e.g., Seven of Nine) as any one of the three subcommands. You must also download two other drones of the other two subcommands.

This objective has two effects. First, it allows a one-time download of two mission specialists to an outpost (not to any other type of facility). If you choose to use the optional download, you must do so immediately upon seeding or playing the objective. (The mission specialists are not seed cards.) If you wish to play another Assign Mission Specialists later to download two more specialists, you must first discard the one in play at the start of your turn. (See unique and universal.)

An action that is "in place of one card draw" may replace any card draw (you may do this even if there are no cards remaining in your draw deck). Unless the action is explicitly restricted to once per turn, you may replace as many card draws as you are entitled to. For example, downloads with the Borg Queen's special skill may replace any or all of the three card draws from Kivas Fajo - Collector. The replacement action must be performed at the time you would normally make that card draw.

While you may have multiple ships making cargo runs concurrently, a single ship's crew can complete only one at a time, earning card draws or Latinum downloads for only one piece of equipment. To deliver any additional equipment, a crew must begin a new cargo run. See report.

A counterpart may not be downloaded or affected by cards that specify drones. Your collective is limited to one counterpart in play at a time. Thus, if you have one counterpart in play, you may not play or assimilate another, and if you acquire another one (e.g., from a Cryosatellite ), the second one must be discarded. A counterpart may be converted to a drone with He Will Make an Excellent Drone .

Some damage results are immediate and have a one-time effect (such as killing a crew member or downloading a Warp Core Breach). Other damage results have an ongoing effect (such as reduced attributes or off-line transporters) as long as that damage marker is in play. Most damage markers also specify a reduction to HULL integrity. When a ship's or facility's HULL integrity is reduced to 0%, it is destroyed. 041b061a72


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