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Abbyy Finereader Portable

PDF files and other scanned documents need a reliable OCR (Optical Character Recognition) tool for editing. If you need a simple and powerful OCR application then ABBYY FineReader Corporate is among the best applications. The interface of the application is very simple and easily understandable which does not require any specific technical skills or training to operate. It is also very light on system resources that it does not affect the performance of your computer. You can enjoy the perks of portability, there is no need to install this application as it is a portable tool. There are no registry entries and leftovers of this application.

abbyy finereader portable

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One good reason why libraries are wary of e-books is the variety of proprietary formats used. This makes their management and support difficult, and is alien to the principles of universal access that underpin the web. It is therefore not surprising that librarians may welcome e-books provided in portable document format (PDF). Although this is also proprietary, it is widely used for ejournals and other forms of online publishing, so will be familiar to most web users. PDF preserves all formatting, and is useful for printing, so some may regard it as an ideal format for e-book publishing. However, PDF has many disadvantages too, which are often overlooked but worth summarising: 350c69d7ab


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