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Every Star has an original claim to fame, and though she has since become familiar to millions, it was her endearing and classic role as "Cricket Blake" in the hit series "Hawaiian Eye" that made Connie Stevens a household name. Becoming one of America's teen idols of the 60's and one of the most popular role models for teenage girls across the globe. Connie, to this day, is amazed at the international craze that her character and image created making her a recognizable smile around the world.

Connie Model Webe Connie Model

Dr. Bogard is specifically interested in pursuing the implementation of evidence-based fall prevention research to bridge the gap from a medical paradigm to a community-based model. She also has research interests in patients with Parkinson's disease and gait or balance dysfunctions.

This report from ICI and partners documents lessons learned from model demonstrations projects (MDPs) nationwide who tested an intervention for support transition-age youth who receive Supplemental... 350c69d7ab


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