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Buy A Tree Near Me

We're known as The Tree Place for a reason! We carry hundreds of varieties of trees to suit your needs. You may find a selection of our most popular trees on our website but for the full list please visit us in person.

buy a tree near me

The Tree Place is dedicated to offering the highest quality trees and excellent customer service provided by friendly, knowledgeable staff whom are committed to promoting a greener environment with trees and organic horticultural produces. We seek to edify our customers to handle their landscaping needs.

I love my Pindo Palm. I was so happy to find Palm trees this close to home with the great service at Atlanta Palms. I plan to purchase a few other trees. I was going to ride to FL to buy a Pindo, and just happened to google them. No need for that ride, Yay. They have expert staff with quite the knowledge on Palms. Thank you guys so much.

Finally, a reputable palm tree nursery here in the Atlanta area ! Waited many years for this place to open ! Now I have 10 palm trees and 2 more coming. My favorites are Sabals, European, Mules, Pindo's and Windmill's. They have sago's too that are pretty hardy. Ricky helped me decide which palms to purchase and educated me on care. They delivered each of them and installed them precisely where I wanted. I have a company building a pond with waterfalls that will compliment my palm trees and make me feel as though I have a slice of tropical paradise in my backyard ! Feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions. I love this place, Ricky and his incredible staff.

Located at 15700 State Highway 121, Frisco, Texas we are conveniently located for all of our Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex Customers. Stop by our new tree nursery showroom and look at our exceptional line of Fannin Trees. Be sure to bring the whole family!

Yep! Over the past 5 years, we've perfected our box technology so that your trees and shrubs arrive to you safely and in perfect health. If there was a Tree-Packing Olympics, we'd probably be gold medal winners.

Another Ramona-based Christmas tree farm, this spot has been doling out Christmas trees for the past ten years. In addition to Grand, Doublas, Nobels, and Frazier firs that are trucked down from Oregon, you can cut your own Monterey Pine Christmas tree on the farm. They provide handsaws but you can also call in an expert to help or cut it down for you. If you like the idea of a potted Christmas tree (you can plant it after the holidays if you'd like), they have Monterey, Aleppo and Deodar Cedar varieties. Netting is available for $2.

5. Mr. Jingle's Christmas TreesMr. Jingle's Christmas Trees is a pop-up tree lot as opposed to a farm, but if you're not up for chopping down your tree this year, this is a great place to pick out a fresh Christmas tree closer to home. With three locations in San Diego: Clairemont/Pacific Beach, Balboa Park, and La Jolla, there are plenty of options to pick up your Christmas tree nearby. Mr. Jingle's offers Douglas, Nordmann, and Noble firs in a wide variety of sizes (from 2-to-17-feet), as well as wreaths, garland and decorating accessories. They also offer online ordering and tree delivery or pick-up.

Another pop-up Christmas tree lot, Pinery Christmas Tree lots are conveniently located all over San Diego in Bonita, Del Mar Horsepark, Rancho Bernardo, Murrieta, and Mission Valley. This year they're offering the options to shop on location or to opt for home delivery. Here you'll find fresh cut Nordmann, Noble, Grand and Douglas fir varieties. Make sure to print their $5 off coupon from their website.

1. Leave the compact car at home and instead bring the family truck or SUV to accommodate your freshly chopped tree. Bring a tarp, old sheet or blanket to put in the trunk to catch the needles and sap. You can also put the sheet to use on the roof of your car if you are going to tie it down.

Good to Know: The annual Christmas Tree Recycling Program begins the day after Christmas, Dec. 26, through Jan. 23, and features 17 drop-off locations available to San Diego city residents. Save our handy guide for your Christmas tree pick up schedule, where to drop off and how you can even recycle those Christmas lights.

We travel all over the Hoosier state and beyond installing trees of all sizes. Check out our wide selection and see why customers from all over Indiana trust Hoosier Home and Garden to transform their yards.

This summer we brought you an Infographic about tree facts that covered topics such as the benefits of trees and the number of tree varieties in the world, etc. Now that Christmas is rapidly approaching, we thought it would be fun to put together an Infographic that highlights some of the history of the beloved Christmas Tree.

Tree Seedlings 6 to 12 inches are sold in units of 50 trees for each variety. Check out the list below to determine the varieties that will work well in your climate. Orders must be placed in units of 50 per variety.

Check out our helpful Michigan Christmas tree farm directories by clicking one of the buttons below. Whether you are looking for a truckload of trees from a wholesaler grower or that one perfect Christmas tree, Michigan farms and retail lots have you covered.

Michigan Christmas tree farms and tree lots offer an array of great Christmas tree choices for anyone. Whether you look for a pre-cut tree at a local tree lot or bundle up the family for the choose-and-cut experience, you will find a wide variety of tree types that offer something for everyone. To help you pick the perfect tree, Michigan State University Extension has developed a description of the main types of trees grown in Michigan. Click the button below to learn about the different types of trees.

The scent of a real Christmas tree in the house, the allure of a family outing to select a real tree and the appeal of buying local are among the reasons people buy real Christmas trees from Christmas Tree farms. For some, especially people who grew up in households with an artificial tree, buying and setting up a real tree may seem like daunting task. With a little planning, however, having a real tree can add a fun and enjoyable family experience to the holidays.

The scent of a real Christmas tree in the house, the allure of a family outing to select a real tree and the appeal of buying local are among the reasons people buy real Christmas trees. For some, especially people who grew up in households with an artificial tree, buying and setting up a real tree may seem like daunting task. With a little planning, however, having a real tree can add a fun and enjoyable family experience to the holidays. For those that have never had a real Christmas tree in their homes for the holidays, Michigan State University Extension provides these tips to simplify the process.

Before buying your tree, decide where in your home you are going to display the tree. Keep the tree away from direct heat sources such as fireplaces or furnace vents because these may cause the tree to use more water and dry faster. Having an electrical outlet near the tree will eliminate the need to run unsightly extension cords to the tree. Double-check there is adequate floor space for the height of tree you want to display. The taper (ratio of tree width to height) of real trees varies, but is usually around two to three. This means you need a space 4-feet wide for a 6-foot tall tree.

Consumers can buy trees already cut at a tree lot or they can cut their own at a choose-and-cut farm. Common options for buying pre-cut trees include big box stores and supermarkets, garden centers and freestanding tree lots. Pre-cut trees at box stores or supermarkets offer the convenience of buying trees while doing other shopping. Buying at garden centers or stand-alone tree lots supports local businesses or, in some cases, charitable groups such as scout troops or churches.

Pre-cut trees are usually grown on large farms that specialize in wholesale production, are harvested and then shipped to retail outlets. Choose-and-cut farms are usually smaller tree farms where consumers can wander fields, find their tree and cut the tree with saws provided by the farm. Many choose-and-cut farms also provide family-themed agritainment, such as hay wagon rides, petting zoos, bonfires, gift shops and hot chocolate or cider stands.

For pre-cut trees, do the pull test. Gently pull on the end of the branch with your thumb and forefinger. Fresh trees should hold onto all their needles. If a tree loses needles when you do the pull test, keep looking.

For many people, the most stress-inducing step of having a real Christmas tree is putting the tree in a stand and getting it to stand straight. A simple way around this issue is using a drill stand. Many tree lots, choose-and cut-farms and retail lots will drill trees with specially-designed drills that match the pin in the stand, ensuring trees stand upright and straight.

For traditional, screw-in stands, recognize that this is a two-person job. Place the stand on the bottom of the tree before standing the tree up. The best plan of attack is to have one person adjust the tightening screws on the stand while the second person adjusts the tree and checks for straightness.

For all types of tree stands, keep the baling twine on the tree until the tree is in the stand and upright. This keeps the tree compact and easier to handle as you bring it in the house and get it situated in the stand.

Consider these tips in order to reduce the mess of getting a tree out of the house after the holidays. Use a turkey baster or a large sponge to transfer any water remaining in the tree stand to a bucket or plastic container. To reduce the amount of needles lost while taking the tree out, lay a bedsheet on the floor and gently lay the tree down on it. Wrap the sheet around the tree to collect any loose needles they may come off while taking the tree out of the house.

Recycle your tree at the end of the holidays. Some communities have curbside tree pick-up for recycling and many others have central drop-off points. Check your local paper or community websites for recycling options in your area. 041b061a72


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