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Not only does Unarchiver One work great with ZIP files, but it supports all the most common archive formats, including RAR, 7z, gzip, bzip2, and more! To learn more about Unarchiver One and all its great features, click the button below.

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If you only are interested in the metadata and text of an article or author manuscript, then bulk download may be what you want to use. Bulk packages group together hundreds of thousands of articles in XML or plain text formats in compressed packages (Note: The Historical OCR Dataset is only available in plain text format). If you are also interested in media files, supplementary materials, or PDFs, please see the sections on Individual Article Download and PDF Download.

New baseline packages will be created at least two times per year. Previous baseline and incremental packages and the accompanying file lists will be deleted whenever a new baseline is created.

Each of these datasets or groupings is divided into separate directories by file content type: XML (\xml) and plain text (\txt). The baseline packages for each of these OA Subset groups and for the Author Manuscript Dataset are divided by PMCID range (e.g., PMC004XXXXXX) in order to keep package sizes reasonable.

Note: Author manuscripts have different metadata information available than PMC OA Subset articles, so do not assume the same structure for the file lists for these two different datasets.

If you only want to download some of the PMC OA Subset based on search criteria or if you want to download complete packages for articles that include XML, PDF, media, and supplementary materials, you will need to use the individual article download packages. To keep directories from getting too large, the packages have been randomly distributed into a two-level-deep directory structure. You can use the file lists in CSV or txt format to search for the location of specific files or you can use the OA Web Service API. The file lists and OA Web Service API also provide basic article metadata.

I had a similar issue and solved it by not automatically opening the file but showing the 'Download complete' notification and then let the Android system open the file when the user clicks on the notification. 041b061a72


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