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MALTA Unusual Images

With an uninterrupted two-millennia long tradition of rich Christian heritage, the Maltese Christian community Paul himself found is as ancient as those of Ephesus, Jerusalem, Corinth, and Rome. It is only natural that the country has more than one church per square kilometer. Some of these churches are home to exceptional images of Christ and Mary. Here, we present you with a few of those images, considered miraculous by thousands of believers and devotees, that you can find when visiting the Maltese archipelago.

MALTA unusual images

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This is an uncommon find in Malta. No one knows exactly what it was used for or what it represents. Is it a crude image of a long dead Phoenician? Is it a figurative representation of death? In the Phoenician world some images are meant to ward off death, could this be such an image? Or are the tightly slit eyes and mouth meant to prevent death from getting in?

In this cave system the world renowned expert on rock art, Professor Emmanuel Anati, discovered cave paintings on one of his visits to Malta in the late 1980s. They consisted of animal forms, hand prints and ideograms in red and black colors. Having been covered by a thin layer of mineral deposits left behind by stalagmitic drippings over the ages, the images were faint but visible to the trained eye. They were photographically recorded at the time of their discovery.

When governments start enforcing revisionary history, it benefits no one but themselves. Sadly, this is a trend that is seen in multiple locations, not only in Malta. Usually it's done to glorify the current 'dominant' populace, and also to remove (even destroy) anything that seems unusual. I've seen several instances where archaeologists have been convinced that there is more to find at a site, but they've been prevented from further excavation by the government firmly insisting that 'there is nothing else to find'. These people have no right to deny us the truth about our past. They seem to think that they own these sites and artifacts - they don't. They are merely caretakers of these remnants of our collective past, and in that function, they have failed miserably. There is far more to the human story than we're being told, and I find it extremely frustrating (even soul-shattering in the cases where irreplaceable artifacts and sites are purposefully damaged or destroyed) that it is being hidden from us.

Religious Beliefs. Over 98 percent of the population are Roman Catholics, who tend to be highly observant. The year is filled with important religious events, and all localities are identified with patron saints who are celebrated, somewhat competitively, with fireworks and festa pageantry, including processions. Numerous pilgrimages take place, including the annual Franciscan pilgrimage to the National Shrine of Our Lady of Mellieha in May. In Valletta, there are a Greek Catholic church, a Greek Orthodox church, an Anglican cathedral, and a Jewish synagogue. 041b061a72


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