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L.O.L. Surprise! Winter Fashion Show

In L.O.L. SURPRISE WINTER FASHION SHOW Neonlicious, a young up-and-coming fashion designer, has been invited to show her designs at the Winter Fashion Show. Despite being awed by the glitz and glamor of it all, she hopes to work hard and win a spot on the cover of her favorite fashion magazine. But will scheming competitors put a stop to her dreams?

L.O.L. Surprise! Winter Fashion Show

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Despite being a colorful feast for the eyes, this is an animated show parents will want to keep far away from their kids. Like previous specials from this franchise, there are a number of troubling things about L.O.L. Surprise Winter Fashion Show. First and foremost, it spends the entirety of its runtime extolling the virtues of materialism, specifically expensive clothes, bags, shoes, jewelry, and hair. The special tries to get away with this by pushing a "fashion is about self-expression" message, which falls decidedly flat when delivered by characters that only come in one, disturbingly sexualized, body image: curvy hips, tiny waists, and ridiculously large thigh gaps. If you're getting the feeling this show isn't age-appropriate for its target audience, you'd be correct. The characters embody teenage girl stereotypes in all the worst ways: dressing revealingly, alluding to the need to be cool and fit in, and declaring things like, "I am the drama." And of course, there's a requisite character obsessed with her social media standing.

Kids can also look for the L.O.L. Surprise! O.M.G. Fashion Show Mega Runway, a sizeable playset featuring 1,500 mix-and-match looks and exclusive dolls, including 12 new characters. It has more than 80 surprises to unbox and features four play areas: a makeup station, a dressing room, a backstage area, and a runway. Each set comes with 2 OMG fashion dolls with transforming fashions, six L.O.L. Surprise dolls, two Lil Sisters, and two pets. The package transforms into a runway where the dolls can strut their fierce styles. Get it here for $139.99.

To celebrate the worldwide premiere of the L.O.L. Surprise! Winter Fashion Show movie, families, celebrities, collectors, and content creators, will participate in global viewing parties, throwing at-home watch parties complete with a pink runway to show off their fashions, festive confections, and fashion accessories. All of this, and the full breadth of the toy line, will ensure the ultimate viewing party. Fans are encouraged to join the fun by following along #LOLSurpriseFashionShow and watching the film on October 22. 041b061a72


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