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Make stunning tutorials with iorad: download and start creating now

iorad is web-based software for businesses that helps create step-by-step tutorials for websites or applications. iorad captures everything the user does inside the capture frame and automatically breaks it down into step-by-step instructions. It knows where the actions took place, highlights them, and creates editable text instructions based on what the user clicked on.

download iorad

digital forms: which can be completed from within your Curacubby portaldownloadable files: which require you to download the form to complete, and then re-upload the completed form. Here are steps on how to complete both types of forms.

iorad makes it incredibly easy to create training videos or walk-throughs that users can experience at their own pace. As someone who has previously recorded screen-capture videos with over voice, I can say that this is 1000 times easier and more professional. The ability to tweak and update training as we need is excellent.

This makes making trainings very quick. I love that it automates making trainings in the way people learn, video, interactive, reading. This use to take hours to create trainings that fit this. I love the automated voice overs. The voices sound pretty good for being automated. It is easy to use and create trainings. Our users love to use these trainings. I love that the user doesn't have to download anything to view the trainings.

Kommentare:Using iorad has been a time and cost saver from me and my company. Letting us document our best practices and general processes in a very detailed and clear way. It is easy to share and follow the instructions that you create.

Kommentare:I've been blown away by my experience with Iorad. I came into my role as an educator about 1.5 years ago and spent the first 6 months making training videos for our numerous systems. We are a dispersed workforce and we have at least a dozen programs to use to perform our jobs effectively: Teams, Zoom, Outlook, Microsoft Word, EHR, Mainbridge, Lessonly, Medtrainer, Paycom to name a few. Iorad allowed me to have a lot of time back to my own schedule because I was able to cut back on the time I was spending creating training videos and working on Zoom with clinicians across the company. If I have a call come in where a clinician has a question about how to do_____ in our software, I send a link to Lessonly to the tutorial from iorad. This also scales really well as we have been able to identify recurring themes that our end-user faces and create a custom approach to training that recognizes common mistakes. I have loved this software so much that I worked with my friend of a local climbing gym (ROKC) and he has started using this for his own staff to train on the software that they use. He feels the same and has cut back on some of his time working with his staff. This product is top-notch and has great potential to move the way companies train their staff.

Stop is used to end the recording session. Before you click Stop, you should make sure that the recording is completed, because this action isn't reversible. When you click Stop, you're taken to the download options screen.

One option after you finish your recording is to download the task recording package (an .axtr file) to your computer. This file can be loaded later via the Task recorder pane, so that the recording can be played as a task guide or edited.

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Play all pending steps begins sequential execution of the remaining steps in the recording, and continues until either playback is paused or all steps have been run. During playback, the Play all pending steps button is replaced by a Pause button that can be used to pause playback. If playback can't successfully run a step for any reason (for example, because it can't find a button that has been renamed), Task recorder will skip that step, and playback will automatically be paused. In this way, the user has an opportunity to replace the obsolete step by completing the new steps in the client. Task recorder will record the new steps and ignore the step that was skipped. The user can then click Play all pending steps to continue playback for the remaining steps. After the recording is completed, the user can download the updated recording. This recording will contain all the steps of the original recording, but will exclude any skipped steps and include any new steps.

To connect Matillion ETL to your data source, you will need to install the JDBC driver downloaded earlier. I installed it on my local machine where I access the Matillion web interface. Documentation to install the JDBC driver can be found in these directions. Note you will be using the redist files downloaded from the Hybrid Data Pipeline server above.

If you are interested in using Progress DataDirect Hybrid Data Pipeline to simplify on-premises data access from Matillion ETL, please download a trial to get connected to your data quickly and safely or contact us to learn more.


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